Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 5--late night reflection

Okay, I should be sleep right now...but I've had something to blog about since way earlier. I'm not sure what is on my heart to share right now...cause there is a lot. Like so much running through that there seems to be I can't seem to choose lol... Well, maybe I'll discuss the aspects of mission least the ones that I've been.

Well, this is like my 3rd/4th depending on what you classify my trip to Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands. But I've been to Peru in 2007 and Dominican Republic in 2008 (suppose to go back in July) and now this trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. This trip has been interesting and stands out from amongst those I've just mentioned. The major differences are in location and who I'm going with. I'm in country for once dealing with American citizens that speak my own language dealing with issues that I'm lightweight knowledgeable about. Also, I'm co-leader on the trip which has been very interesting. I'm leading a team of 12 college students (including myself) along with someone that I would consider one of my best friends, Avery. There are 9 girls and three guys (me, Jamiel, and Chris) and it has been interesting. Shout out to Ave cause I couldn't have made it through without her. The trip has been very frustrating in many ways from an organizational, personal, and ministerial level. Thank God she has good organizational skills cause the ball would have been tremendously dropped in my hands. Nonetheless, this experience is definitely preparing me the next upcoming months.

The thing about mission trips are that you learn so much about yourself and others. And many things that you learn and reflect on at these trips can applied to your life once you leave. I could list major examples but that would be book in addition to this lengthy piece I'm writing now lol. But it's tough. You deal with the rigors of not being able to do everything you want to because of finances...people trying to take advantage of you...not seeing the immediate results of your labor, etc. You also deal with the shortcomings of yourself and others which is really taxing but developing if you are aware of the situation your in. It's definitely a growing up process in your aim to being a godly person. There's so much more I could mention, but I'll close out with the fact that mission trips are also a time to see the Holy Spirit work in mysterious and major ways. It's a great feeling to ask God to bless you with boldness and prepare for the situations you face and to see how He pulls you through. I laugh in amazement because of the little things He did today and showed the team.

Oh one more also learn about love...loving the people you encounter and serve and minister to, but also the team you work with. The team is becoming very unified, especially as of recently...through prayer, devotionals, and fellowship...I love it...and I love this team. Pray for us as this week closes out. Much love to ya and praise God the power didn't cut off on me. CHEA!!!

Grace n Peace fam


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  1. Nice post,
    I also see the team unifying stronger each day :)