Monday, April 27, 2009

1 Samuel 3

Kennard and Avery gave us a passage to look at and pray about as a team - 1 Samuel 3
These are questions that were given for us to think about:

1. Why did I apply for this trip?
2. To what extent, if any, do you feel chosen by God to be here today, an intricate and important part of this team?
3. Why would God choose you?
4. What qualities do I possess that will enable me to be a "fisher-man" in God's lake?
5. Have I ever heard God call me? When?
6. Do I picture the Lord coming to me and standing there, calling my name as He did Samuel? Why or why not?

I encourage us as a team to comment on this post with our thoughts.


1 comment:

  1. question number 1

    The summer after I graduated from high school, I had no intention to make missions a part of my life. However, that summer as God spoke to me and lead me to apply for a GI trip through Frontline, my heart did a 180 degree flip. God had called me to the mission field - and not just on one trip, but for my life. I didn't get accepted to that specific trip, but I have peace, knowing that God would send me when He wanted to. Since then, I have applied to 2 other GI trips, being accepted to neither. Still, I knew that God had His own timing. Last summer, I went to the Dominican Republic with The Rock Student Ministries at Mclean Bible Church. On this trip, God confirmed in my heart that He was going to send me overseas.
    so why did I apply for this trip?
    Because, feeling called to long-term missions, I take opportunities to go on short-term trips. Why? To gain experience, insight, wisdom, perspective, humility and preparation, and because I love sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and serving the Lord as I serve and love others. There is no greater joy than seeing someone come to know Jesus Christ. My heart is broken for all of creation who do not know Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, gentle Shepherd, and Savior.
    Also, because I have been very involved in The Gathering this year, I felt it logical to apply for a trip through this ministry.