Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hard pressed on every side

From the few days our team has been here, It seems like we've been thrown into a whirlwind. Somehow we have to find a foundation and build on it. The damages of Katrina haunt the streets of New Orleans and in some areas there are blocks of empty homes with broken windows.The emotional and spiritual scars are obvious in the people who lived through the hurricane. Most have lost their homes, their jobs, and even their loved ones. It seems as if the flood divided New Orleans history, there was the life before and now there is the aftermath.

And amidst the brokenness there is glimpses of hope and grace portrayed in the lives of Charles and Louis, the people who run the Carpenter's House. Their commitment to developing the community for God's kingdom truly reflect Christ's unconditional love.

God is teaching me to find encouragement in the power of the Cross. He is pushing my comfort level in all directions. From bug attacks to showing patience and love for one another, I hope we are willing to be "extremely extremely extremely flexible."

More to come...

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