Sunday, May 31, 2009

A lil sore...

Wow...7 days sort of...went by kind of fast. I feel bad that I'm blogging after the trip instead of during it, but it never sunk into my brain to blog. I'm not the best at blogging anyways. I'll usually spend about 25 minutes writing some really vague entry that sheds no light onto how I really feel about anything. Hopefully I will be able to keep it short and effective this go around. Um...the trip was great. It really was and I'm more than glad I went on it. Now that I hammer time stop to look at it, I see that it was kind of necessary for me to go on the trip. Just like it was necessary for all my other 11 brothers and sisters to be there with me. Lewis was right...I definitely feel burnt out after that week. I'm glad to be home though...gotta do some R&R before I have to go to work on monday :-]. Anyways...shout out to my NOLA fam and my bros and sisters that ventured down with me...we'll definitely have to get a game of mafia or signs in during the summer (personally I'm down for signs or a radioactive game of spoons).

Much Love,

"2 Tall"


  1. jam, you already know. i'm ALWAYS down for spoons.

  2. well i would definitely be down for spoons since i missed that "violent" (avery's words) game you played thursday night.
    we are definitely going to see each other this summer!! more than once!

  3. haha.. its spelled LOUIS i think.. tehehe

    and im down for SPOONS too!! i'll show up with my big purple/yellow bruise! hahah