Sunday, May 31, 2009

forgiven and loved

As we reflect upon this past week at 3 o'clock in the morning, it is clear that God's power has followed us every step of the way. Even after being stuck in Nashville for 3 hours, we were still able to use the unexpected delay

Some highlights of the week would have to be my new southern accent, my new taste for gumbo, the word gumbo, confessionals, learning how to put up crown molding, meeting/adopting Avery's extended family, and a new family, some of whom were left behind in New Orleans. It seems like we all had difficulty letting go, but it shows how much God really wanted us there in the first place. Its been a bittersweet ending, but the people of New Orleans have left a resounding impact in our hearts, especially our favorite trekkie. ==live long and prosper==

--Georgie porgie aka Georgia

As for me, I think i said it all in the last post... At least I hope so. But it's been great. Goodnight. =]


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