Friday, May 29, 2009

No Words or Too Many Thoughts to Express Them

As our trip is coming to an end, I am looking back and reflecting on the many deep conversations, laughs, prayers, devotionals, and how much God has been present in every aspect of this trip...from serving the people in the community to the workers/leaders of the Carpenters House. This trip has really opened my eyes even more to the purpose/mission God has given me and even Christians in general to always serve the many people that are suffering and spiritually dying in this world. From being able to play basketball with and have conversations with kids about Jesus to an older woman about to be kicked out of her home, this experience has been a tremendous learning experience. Up until this point, God has never placed me in an environment for an extended amount of time where hopelessness and the spiritual warfare is so heavy/strong as it is in New has come to the point of tears for me knowing that I am leaving a community that is in such dire need of Him and people that really care to do His work. While I didn't enjoy being sweaty and dirty, I have LOVED every minute and I am extremely gratful for this experience, each person on the entire team, and for how much more I will see God move.


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