Monday, May 25, 2009

NOLA Day 2

Tayo tried to blog earlier but the power went out and my laptop died as a result.. sorry Tayo!

Lecrae is an awesome christian rapper.. definitely check him out..

Today we went to church at Crescent City Baptist Church which is also the 1st carpenter's house.. the church had slightly over 7 feet of water during Katrina but now only has a couple of families and a couple of other people.. but the message was pretty good.. Charles who's the pastor.. talked about can I hear God now? am I listening to God? it's harder to hear God when we are living in sin... sin blocks the Spirit

Afternoon we went to French quarters and had beignets.. a first for some of us.. they were really good... we watched one of those street shows and walked by the river.. it was partially cloudy but it never rained while we were outside so praise God.. the day was really nicee.. windy and warm

Dinner.. we went to Avery's grandparents' house.. Granny cooked some really delicious food and Papa showed us a video of what the house looked like in October of 2005 not long after Katrina.. today you walk into the house.. you can't tell that water covered 7 feet of the wall.. we had a really good time there and thank you Papa and Granny Joshua!

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