Monday, May 25, 2009

Work Day 1

I don't know about the other teams but as for me, Katie, Genni and Rachel.. we are exhausted!! (except Rachel) I don't know how she continues without a rest.. we are tired and sleepy!! it's a holiday so the store has been relatively slow... mann.. folding clothes, greeting people, cooking, passing out food and praying for people is tiring! hahah.. but God is good still. God has been teaching me a lot about faith lately.. and it was even more evident this morning when Charles shared a devotion on faith.. faith that can move mountains.. which reminds of Little Lights during arts when a child drew a picture of God moving a mountain.. such child like faith

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  1. thats awesome how God has been teaching you about faith cuz Charles little talk this morning was completely on faith, and that does confirm it so much.