Monday, May 18, 2009

Today's...well, yesterday's devotional

So I thought Luke 15 was pretty crucial today. It reminded me of an article I read on Boundless a few days's the link:

But it also reminded me of one of the many times I lost my dorm room key. I had the joint in my pocket one minute and literally the next minute (well, probably the next hour) it was gone. I searched EVERYWHERE for the key. And I was really worried because it was on a special lanyard and I put an angel charm on it that my cousin had given me. I also did not want to pay the $75-$150 fee that comes with admitting you lost your key. Theoretically, a key is not really that serious, right? It's a piece of metal; you can get another key and/or change your locks. Not too much of a hassle. Yet, still I refrained from getting another one in hopes I would find it in my dresser drawer or something.

Just when I was about to give up, I received an e-mail from my sorority sisters. Someone had found the key! The cool guy who picked it up was able to identify the organization on the lanyard and then contacted my sister, who asked if anyone had lost a key. That might as well have been the happiest day of my life (at that moment). With a few key strokes, this guy became a huge blessing to me; I was so grateful and excited. On such a huge campus, someone took the time to search for the potential owner of the key. He helped me find exactly what I needed.

And the point of this? Who knows...maybe we'll be the ones to help others find the key to open the door to life. (Cheesy right? But applicable nonetheless.) I think this is why I'm most excited about the New Orleans trip: we'll all have the opportunity to do "little things" to really impact the Kingdom of God and share God's love with others. But, if it's for God's glory, is it really little?



  1. I love this! It's not cheesy at all but rather a great analogy. Yes it is the "little things" that count. Some people may not have been afforded the opportunity to have someone serve them and by seeing our behavior through kindness they may begin to wonder "Why does this person act this way. This is not normal." And they'll be more curious to know the God we serve and why we behave the way we do....which in return leads to more curiosity and yearning for nowledge about Jesus and his word.

    -Tayo F.

  2. That is awesome!!!
    What a great comparison, and see how God used that for His glory. Even though you were soooo stressed, out, you are able to share that with us for a good purpose :)
    Romans 8:28
    "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."