Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 3--midday reflection

ok....let's try this again (power went out the 1st time [blower!!!] it's not gonna be as fresh and I won't say as much)

Today hasn't been a whole lot of work for some of the group. For me, it's consisted of hammering some nails, moving 2by4 blocks of wood, and conversations. Today is our 3rd day in town and I guess today has been the day that compassion and an empathy for the people has kinda overwhelmed me. I had to take a time out because some stuff I was hearing in my conversations were pretty heavy for me to handle. It's weird because ppl here seem to be used to it all...used to the depression...used to their situation. I've just been waiting for someone to wail about there problems...but no. They move on. And some, that have little to none continue to move on and serve others like they have something themselves, which isn't the case.

There's a man named Louis that helps out at the Carpenter's House. He's awesome. He's selfless. He's real. Every since we arrived here I have been intrigued by him. He's a man that does so much around here for others and not himself. Sometimes he's funny and sometimes he seems to be reserved. So far, he's impacted me the most. I think he's a man with many words...words of joy...words of pain and struggle. And you can see it in his eyes. I was blessed enough to share a car ride with him alone...a pair of circling-around-a few blocks-while-Jam-was-in-the-store in which he shared a lot with me. His convo hit the hardest. He doesn't have much...he gives a lot and doesn't get anything back for it...and he's a human so he has needs. But he continues to serve living in a way that marvels me. A man who had a regular and comfortable lifestyle to someone that lost it all/gave it up...and so he lives on.

Being here in New Orleans...actually, on every mission trip I've been on...I get really reflective and zone out frequently. Give me a sky full of clouds or a body of water and I'm gone...flying in mind somewhere. I tend to think about home ironically. I guess the things I plan to do when I get the trip will impact my life back at I must share this journey with others back in MD...people...and other things. I zone out a lot so my team thinks something is always wrong with me. I just pause and go at it...thinking about so many questions at once that I have no question. I wish you could be in my shoes for a second to see what I mean.

...I wonder if God told me to give up everything, would I so easily do it...


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